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Er Kailash C Rohilan

Secretary of Aravali Shikshan Avum Anusandhan Sansthan

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At the Aravali Institute, we understand these fundamental changes that are shaping our future. We have designed our educational programmes to ensure that our students proactively drive and direct these changes and shape the future.

It is a rare opportunity for a student to be able to go through such a rigorous training in Teachers Training, Engineering & Technology, Degree Courses, School Education and Industrial Training and prepare themselves for the world of tomorrow. The institute provides its students with an enriching environment that is based on cooperative values but designed to be equally competitive in nature. Aravali students are challenged to think, understand and test conventional wisdom in order to forge new directions to accumulate knowledge and solve problems.

We base our philosophy on the four principles of Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Hard Work, which we believe are the foundations to success for any student. The Degree programmes at AIER incorporate these four principles in all the modules, which help students reach the highest level of understanding in their chosen area of study.

AIER is proud to have some of the finest teachers and researchers, in the country, who are drawn from some of the world’s best institutions. They bring with them both academic as well as corporate experience to enhance the learning abilities of their students. The teaching methodologies used by the faculty have been selected after careful consideration of their impact on students’ learning.

While students are required to adhere to normal academic standards of the Institute, we also encourage them to get involved in discussions with their faculty members in an open and transparent manner. We value students’ individuality and understand that different students have different needs in order to be successful learners. We ensure that every effort is made to reach out to all the students by using a frequent appraisal and feedback system.

I take this opportunity to welcome you the Aravali Institute, where our dream is to ignite your potential and to give you the best return over your life time. I do hope that you will enjoy your stay at the institute and work with us, hand-in-hand, for a better future for all of us.

Dr Poonam Choudhary

Principal of Aravali PG College

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At APGC the program that we offer, employs pedagogy that makes it very different from other degree colleges. Our focus is on experiential learning . We nurture creativity, innovation, spontaneity in our students. Thus, enabling them to achieve an academic, social, cultural and value added growth, which is inevitably needed in a radical business environment.

The students are especially groomed in the art of decision making so as to enable them to make sound decision in view of the challenges unfolded by the industry and economy. This is achieved by arranging interaction with corporate personalities and exposure to wider spheres of knowledge through seminars, conferences, workshops on topics of current relevance to the business world as well as subjects that promote human values.